Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi My name is Tony. I like your tats,,,really sexy.i would like to take you out for dinner drinks.... what ever, I must admit I dont kvow half the things listed in your intrests,,,that could be cool getting you to show me new stuff.Im a 300 lb biker looking dude...Im sure Id fit right in at a nerd core hip hop party tee hee. whats ners core. your so hot i will get a pocket protector to increase my chances of dating you ha ha. if you want to chat my msn email is tonys1h***** cheers tony

(Hello. i like when people have no idea what my interests are. makes me feel cool. heh.)

i understand the savage sex thing im part mohawk want to talk on phone my cel is 5*2-0*4*

( Haha i don't think you do. it's a sex colum by a gay man named dan savage. sorry, i'm not interested in calling you.)

cool cool

(I think he's accusing me of being a racist.)