Saturday, December 29, 2007

4somes are my favorite

cum to guelph if you want a 4 some

(What the fuck?)

Old man balls, ew

Would like to come down and see you
I would like to see you suck C**k That would turn me on
I would do the Same back to you. Hope to hear from you Let me know
I would like to lick you too.

Hi would like to come down and see you
so you like to suck C**K I would love to see this perhaps you can do me? Let me know Hope to hear from you.


What an idiot

triple.s: hey
triple.s: hows it going
She.z_In_Control: not bad
She.z_In_Control: you?
triple.s: not too bad
She.z_In_Control: excellent
triple.s: are those recent pics
She.z_In_Control: yeah pretty recent
triple.s: ok
*** triple.s's IC window is closed
She.z_In_Control: hahahaha
*** Waiting for triple.s to connect
*** triple.s's IC window is open
*** You have been blocked by triple.s
*** triple.s's IC window is closed

(Are those pics recent? Than block me? Hahaha what the fuck does that mean? What an idiot.)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jerk it baby, jerk it

She.z_In_Control: thanks
jelloeatter: yw
jelloeatter: you r very good looking and what a body
She.z_In_Control: thank you
jelloeatter: np
jelloeatter: glad i could help
jelloeatter: I think lol
She.z_In_Control: haha....
She.z_In_Control: sure why not
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: the one in the white top is my fav
jelloeatter: you have msn or a cam
She.z_In_Control: thanks. it seems to be many favs
She.z_In_Control: no i dn't have a cam
jelloeatter: I know why it is lol
She.z_In_Control: why?
jelloeatter: shows how good looking you r and it show what a big beautiful chest
you have
She.z_In_Control: ah maybe
She.z_In_Control: haha
jelloeatter: well thats why i like it
She.z_In_Control: cool
jelloeatter: yeah I am a boob man lol
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: cool.
jelloeatter: you like that I am a boob man
She.z_In_Control: haha sure.
She.z_In_Control: most that message me seem to be
jelloeatter: cool
jelloeatter: damn you make a guy very excited
She.z_In_Control: haha i dunno if that's a good thing
jelloeatter: well if you were here sitting my lap it would be atleast for me
jelloeatter: how big r they?
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: big
jelloeatter: I c that lol
jelloeatter: more than 2 hand fulls
She.z_In_Control: eeehhh... maybe
She.z_In_Control: one and a half
jelloeatter: and a pair of lips lol
She.z_In_Control: haha
jelloeatter: thats a yes
jelloeatter: sorry I have a full on erection talking to you and probably should do
something about it lol
She.z_In_Control: hmm i see
jelloeatter: you wish lol
She.z_In_Control: haha no not really. not my kinda thing
jelloeatter: erections not your thing
jelloeatter: lol
She.z_In_Control: watching annoymous erections are not my thing
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: I can come over and drop it between your boobs
jelloeatter: lol
She.z_In_Control: haha uuuh
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: bye baby I am going to pull all of it out and jerk it c ya
*** jelloeatter's IC window is closed

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



(For everyone's sake, please let this picture be an amazing joke that I'm just not getting. It's kinda grossing me out, but yet I look and laugh. Like an episode of Jackass.)

Can I touch your breast....? Worst pick-up line ever.

kelowna21: hi
She.z_In_Control: hi
kelowna21: how are you nice pic
She.z_In_Control: thanks
She.z_In_Control: i'm aright
kelowna21: thats good why only alright
She.z_In_Control: just tired
kelowna21: i see
kelowna21: do you have cam
She.z_In_Control: no
kelowna21: more hot pics
She.z_In_Control: no
kelowna21: can i touch your breast
She.z_In_Control: uh what?
*** kelowna21's IC window is closed

(He had a six-pack. One of those really nasty ripple-y ones. Gross!)

Monday, December 17, 2007

I don't think you understand the concept of a lesbian

Stand 5 9 sandy blonde hair tatoos muscular very sexual very open minded love to please a woman.Looking for a very sexual woman.I am looking for a woman that is married single attached straight bi-sexual or lesbian.

(Dude, lesbians don't like COCK! And they will not want to meet you for sex.)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pussy lick

soldierboy2008: Do you want me to lick your pussy?
She.z_In_Control: hahahahaha what
soldierboy2008: lick your pussy. Do you want me to lick your pussy
She.z_In_Control: no. i sure don't
soldierboy2008: Allright
*** soldierboy2008's IC window is closed


Saturday, December 8, 2007



(I thought it was one of those joke pictures. You know, the fun ones. But it's for real. And it's real funny.)

But I love scum!

Did you know Kris has a gf?
ya...Hes been with me over a year and a apparently hes scum

(So I got this the other day. At first I thought it was something about my sister. But I read it over... and HAHAHAHA! This guy sent me a message, I sent him something lame back, then didn't bother. All of a sudden his girlfriend messages me! HAHAHAHAHA! So good. I laughed so oh so hard.

His profile has been deleted.)

Hey, he has a very big cock!

She.z_In_Control: hi
77Shadow77: Hi there
77Shadow77: What are you up to?
She.z_In_Control: nothing
She.z_In_Control: you?
77Shadow77: I am from Kitchener.
She.z_In_Control: cool...
77Shadow77: No much ... just kind of killing time... I am not yet ready to go to bed.. you?
77Shadow77: You are from kitchener? Same here.. I am near the Charcoal Steakhouse.. actually, just across the road from
77Shadow77: You look very attractive.. btw.
She.z_In_Control: i'm not sure where that is
She.z_In_Control: thanks
77Shadow77: Near fairview mall...
77Shadow77: What are you up to? anything?
She.z_In_Control: no just listening to music
77Shadow77: Ok...... you are from kitchener, right? do you like to suck and swallow?
She.z_In_Control: i live in kitchener yes
77Shadow77: That sounds cool... if you like to hook up for some fun let me know... I have a very big cock...
She.z_In_Control: did you read my profile?
77Shadow77: Sorry, guess I didn't...
She.z_In_Control: i had a feeling


(Maybe one day I won't have to search through shit online to meet cool people and maybe find a nice guy that doesn't want to do me. Good luck with THAT ONE!)

Monday, December 3, 2007


Hung_man2002: thats good
Hung_man2002: how is your night going
Hung_man2002: ?
She.z_In_Control: not great
Hung_man2002: well thats no good
She.z_In_Control: indeed
Hung_man2002: well i can cheer you up
She.z_In_Control: how do you intend on doing that?
Hung_man2002: i dont know lol jump out of your screen and cheer you up
Hung_man2002: i love your tats
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: thanks
Hung_man2002: how many do you have
She.z_In_Control: 5
Hung_man2002: cool
Hung_man2002: so what do you like in a man
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: beards and glasses
Hung_man2002: well i have that but no glasses
Hung_man2002: i like to fuck to
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: that wasn't a requirment
Hung_man2002: i know but do you like to
She.z_In_Control: nope
Hung_man2002: y is that
Hung_man2002: my name is hung man
She.z_In_Control: i noticed
Hung_man2002: well do you like hung men
Hung_man2002: cuz your hot
She.z_In_Control: no i don't care for penis size
Hung_man2002: i have a pic of my dick if you wont it
Hung_man2002: do you want me to send it to you
She.z_In_Control: um no thanks
Hung_man2002: well have you ever sucked or see a dick
She.z_In_Control: hahahhaa
Hung_man2002: hhave you
She.z_In_Control: um yeah
Hung_man2002: well thats good then do you have any nude pics
She.z_In_Control: oh sweet jesus. do you ask that of every girl you talk to?
Hung_man2002: no just you your sexy
She.z_In_Control: i see
Hung_man2002: you have very nice tits to
She.z_In_Control: yep.
Hung_man2002: well send me a pic of them then
She.z_In_Control: no
Hung_man2002: y
She.z_In_Control: because i'm not interested. take a hint
Hung_man2002: squar box
Hung_man2002: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
Hung_man2002: *** You've been SMACKED! ***
*** Hung_man2002's IC window is closed

These boobs only go in my face only

allurs4ever: sexy
She.z_In_Control: uh thanks
allurs4ever: lovely tits
She.z_In_Control: thanks
allurs4ever: when would i get to experience that thrill
She.z_In_Control: that trill?
She.z_In_Control: thrill*
allurs4ever: ys
She.z_In_Control: what?
allurs4ever: of those boobs on my face:d
She.z_In_Control: i doubt that will be happening
allurs4ever: it shud deifniltuy
allurs4ever: itd be very fun baby
She.z_In_Control: not interested
allurs4ever: but im interesting in my cock inbetween ur tits
She.z_In_Control: good luck with that
allurs4ever: so when can i come over
*** allurs4ever's IC window is closed

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Now you gone and pissed me off...

windsor???: hi
windsor???: hi
windsor???: how r u
She.z_In_Control: i'mgood. you?
windsor???: im good
windsor???: u have msn?cam
She.z_In_Control: no
windsor???: ever com to windsor?
windsor???: ?
She.z_In_Control: no never been
windsor???: like 9 inch cock?
She.z_In_Control: no
windsor???: y not
She.z_In_Control: you're lame
windsor???: u have a beautiful rack tho
She.z_In_Control: yeah i know
windsor???: lol
windsor???: do u suc k onem
She.z_In_Control: do you talk like this to girls often?
*** windsor???'s IC window is closed

(Of course this douche bag doesn't have a picture. He doesn't want anyone to know how fucking ugly he is.)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


(Ok just one more from that guy. Who does he think he's going to pick up? Lepers?? Zombies?? Leper Zombies?!)


Tits, all day long.

jeeptimc: Nice cleavage.

dkfnwro: nice tats! and tits :P yummm

drphil79: damn, it guys are so wanna show me more on cam? sounds sleezy but hey, were both still up...wanna give me a show?

forevereverlasting: WELL i must say you have very nice breasts

good yimes: love the tits

(Men love boobs. I love blogging about the creepy messages I get about my boobs. Here's a small sample of boob related messages I've gotten the last few days. They entertain me greatly. )

(And now for picture of the day. Um wtf happened to your face dude? You look like a The Joker. It disturbs me very much. Oh and he has much worse than this... like myspace emo angles. Funny, and depressing.)

My boobs are bigger. I win.

hi you look good like to chat more on msn im 32 my wife 26 kitchener

(Are you ready for the best part of this whole thing?? His/their profile.... oh sweet lord why me?)

vinnymac : looking 4 a HOT lady 4 a couple

hello im 31 she 26 looking 4 fun a lady or a couple im 5ft5 she 5ft3 both looking 4 a 3some or 4some her BOOBs are 38dd like to no more like to talk get back to me and her

(Fucking EW!)