Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can make myself cum faster than you

funguy7777777: hi
She.z_In_Control: hi
funguy7777777: how are you
She.z_In_Control: i'm alright
She.z_In_Control: you?
funguy7777777: smae cold here
She.z_In_Control: yeah it's kinda cold here
funguy7777777: so hats up tonight
funguy7777777: whats up
She.z_In_Control: nothing really.
She.z_In_Control: hidingout in my room
funguy7777777: i see your very hot
She.z_In_Control: thanks
funguy7777777: a;ll good so tell me what turns you on
She.z_In_Control: nothing does.
funguy7777777: really not even good oral
She.z_In_Control: nope
funguy7777777: wow and your niples sucked
She.z_In_Control: nope
funguy7777777: wow have you ever cum
She.z_In_Control: never
funguy7777777: wow you dont masterbaitev
She.z_In_Control: no
funguy7777777: why not
She.z_In_Control: dunno
funguy7777777: what
She.z_In_Control: what?
funguy7777777: i shoudl let you go
*** funguy7777777's IC window is closed

(Glasses and beards turn me on. Oral is fun. My nipples feel nothing. I cum a lot. And masturbate twice a day. Just don't tell him that.)

Raptor's fan you say

She.z_In_Control: hi
She.z_In_Control: not much
raptorsfan11: nice profile lol
raptorsfan11: u got big ass bobbies aha
She.z_In_Control: hahaha
She.z_In_Control: yeah thanks.
raptorsfan11: lol
raptorsfan11: wat kind of guys u like
She.z_In_Control: rocker hipster guys i guess
raptorsfan11: lol ooh
raptorsfan11: u into black
She.z_In_Control: if he was cool enough. anything could happen i
raptorsfan11: lo i like your first date description aha
She.z_In_Control: thanks
raptorsfan11: lol
raptorsfan11: is it for real
raptorsfan11: u suck cock on the 1st date?
She.z_In_Control: it's a joke.... it says it's a joke
*** raptorsfan11's IC window is closed


(What is that? A blanket? Shaving cream?? Why do they post shit like this? Hahahahha. To entertain me I think. They do such a good job at it.)


She.z_In_Control: hello
She.z_In_Control: not bad
She.z_In_Control: you?
funtimes!33: not too bad alittle bored, what you up to
She.z_In_Control: just listening to some music
funtimes!33: right on right on
She.z_In_Control: what you doing?
funtimes!33: just got outta the sauna hangin out cant sleep
She.z_In_Control: cool
funtimes!33: ya not too bad, you got some hot picccs thats for sure
She.z_In_Control: thanks
funtimes!33: np.. ur main pic kinda caught my atttention haha
She.z_In_Control: haha that's it's job
funtimes!33: i guess thats true haha
She.z_In_Control: and it works. haha
funtimes!33: it surrre does, got me hard within a coupe seconds haha
She.z_In_Control: haha i see
funtimes!33: yahh haha
funtimes!33: yah it really got me excited hahaha

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The big black cock can handle its self thanks.

hi how are you?
would you like some help to play with that big toy babe?





(Um wtf is this guy trying to cover up? HAHAHA. I love it.)

This is my new boyfriend - He has a PHD

wanted to tell you incase no one else has .. you have awsome tits


(Oh sweet JESUS! Look at the size of that boner!!! Am I the only one scared shitless of dirty arm dicks??? Oh god... no.... please... I can't stop laughing. Good times tonight on POF!)


londonharrow: up for a intimate encounter sometime? hehe
She.z_In_Control: haha um no
londonharrow: hha cool you have nice breasts so i thought ill let you knw
She.z_In_Control: gee thanks

(And here's a small part of a convo I had. This is the best part of course. Oh those silly boys.)

lols or lolz?

Subject: love it... lols Sent Date: 11/24/2007 8:14:41 AM

how about we do a movie shoot,the only difference is that I KNOW I would be in total control!

(Wait, what? What the fuck does that mean? Does he want me to be in a porn? So many questions... that I don't really want the answers to. And what do you love? lols???)

Subject Line: mmmmmmmm


your sexy

(Needless to say, I didn't respond.)


Subject: xxx Sent Date: 11/24/2007 10:26:31 PM
mmmm i do like canadian cleavage :P

(Should I respond to this one???? He's from England... so maybe that would explain something?)


RE:RE:RE:not sure....... Sent Date: 11/24/2007 10:28:07 PM

I've got not much else to do. Had all my fun last night, now I'm just enjoying my time alone. You?

From: meluvcookie (View Profile)
Subject: RE:RE:not sure.......
Sent Date: 11/24/2007 10:19:40 PM

well you diffentlly got it going on.........what brings you out here on a saturday night>??


From: She.z In Control (View Profile)
Subject: RE:not sure.......
Sent Date: 11/24/2007 10:17:59 PM

Probably all 3. It's what makes me cool.

From: meluvcookie (View Profile)
Subject: not sure.......
Sent Date: 11/24/2007 10:12:24 PM

I'm not sure what i like better......the ink, or those beautiful breasts......

I zalso like the glassess.....

From: meluvcookie (View Profile)
Subject: RE:RE:understand
Sent Date: 10/24/2007 6:05:35 PM

LOL, i meant is anal bad with a girl?? lol anobody who sleeps with an animal....diffently has problems.....

From: She.z In Control (View Profile)
Subject: RE:understand
Sent Date: 10/23/2007 11:25:28 PM

I dunno. Apparently it would be. I know I wouldn't **** an animal.

From: meluvcookie (View Profile)
Subject: understand
Sent Date: 10/23/2007 11:03:45 PM

i read your whole profile but i don't understand one sodomy bad if its anal?

(This is the 3rd time he's messaged me. The first time I told him my dad died, so I wasn't interested. I wonder if he knows I'm the same person every time. Probably not. But he sure seems to love my tits.)


Subject: Hi Sent Date: 11/16/2007 11:22:21 AM

(I wish I got paid to blog all this stuff. It's so great! Hahahahah. Men, such simple creatures.... )

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