Monday, February 28, 2011


i grew a beard

which position is your fav?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If I have a goatee, does that help me out at


Hello, I hope my tiny is enough for you :)
u look like a fun girl :P
Hope to read from you.

(I don't know what "tiny" is, but he's black so he can't be THAT tiny. See what I did there?)


I can grow a small a mustashe if you want me too:-) I like you smile your thighs, tatoos on you skin, your photography and the yellow Kefeya.

Thank you.


Hang Out

Hi you look so nice i wish talk with U, just let me know if you re intersting p.s..

(10 hours later...)

Hi you look nice, and wish talk with U, if your intersted let me know

(one minute later...)

I'd like meet U

(No thanks.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

My life.

Justin says: (11:09:59 PM)
i love thine lips

Traci says: (11:10:13 PM)
haha... what?

Traci says: (11:10:18 PM)
who is this?

Justin says: (11:11:07 PM)
justin from pof

Traci says: (11:11:21 PM)
haha... doesn't help

Justin says: (11:11:52 PM)
i think u used to tease me on here

Traci says: (11:12:04 PM)
haha ook

Traci says: (11:12:11 PM)
hahaha... there's so many of those

Justin says: (11:12:28 PM)
you were really good at teasing me with your lips

Justin says: (11:12:31 PM)
and ur feet i think

Traci says: (11:12:46 PM)
haha... i hate feet

Traci says: (11:12:55 PM)
i think you are mistaken

Justin says: (11:13:00 PM)
maybe it was ur calves

Traci says: (11:13:29 PM)
uh... i have no idea

Justin says: (11:13:51 PM)
can i have a traci tease

Traci says: (11:15:47 PM)

Justin says: (11:17:40 PM)
torture meee

Traci says: (11:18:10 PM)
uh no thanks

Traci says: (11:18:46 PM)
where are you from?

Justin says: (11:19:00 PM)

Justin says: (11:19:01 PM)

Traci says: (11:19:30 PM)

Justin says: (11:19:50 PM)
do u have muscley traci legs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


u r sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, wats yr number sugar pie? i would love to party with ya

Sunday, February 6, 2011

hello there


How are you?

Enjoying your weekend?

Taking a car ride and you sucking my c*** would be nice.


(So maybe I'll bring this blog back. Hard not too with gold like this.)