Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can make myself cum faster than you

funguy7777777: hi
She.z_In_Control: hi
funguy7777777: how are you
She.z_In_Control: i'm alright
She.z_In_Control: you?
funguy7777777: smae cold here
She.z_In_Control: yeah it's kinda cold here
funguy7777777: so hats up tonight
funguy7777777: whats up
She.z_In_Control: nothing really.
She.z_In_Control: hidingout in my room
funguy7777777: i see your very hot
She.z_In_Control: thanks
funguy7777777: a;ll good so tell me what turns you on
She.z_In_Control: nothing does.
funguy7777777: really not even good oral
She.z_In_Control: nope
funguy7777777: wow and your niples sucked
She.z_In_Control: nope
funguy7777777: wow have you ever cum
She.z_In_Control: never
funguy7777777: wow you dont masterbaitev
She.z_In_Control: no
funguy7777777: why not
She.z_In_Control: dunno
funguy7777777: what
She.z_In_Control: what?
funguy7777777: i shoudl let you go
*** funguy7777777's IC window is closed

(Glasses and beards turn me on. Oral is fun. My nipples feel nothing. I cum a lot. And masturbate twice a day. Just don't tell him that.)

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