Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jerk it baby, jerk it

She.z_In_Control: thanks
jelloeatter: yw
jelloeatter: you r very good looking and what a body
She.z_In_Control: thank you
jelloeatter: np
jelloeatter: glad i could help
jelloeatter: I think lol
She.z_In_Control: haha....
She.z_In_Control: sure why not
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: the one in the white top is my fav
jelloeatter: you have msn or a cam
She.z_In_Control: thanks. it seems to be many favs
She.z_In_Control: no i dn't have a cam
jelloeatter: I know why it is lol
She.z_In_Control: why?
jelloeatter: shows how good looking you r and it show what a big beautiful chest
you have
She.z_In_Control: ah maybe
She.z_In_Control: haha
jelloeatter: well thats why i like it
She.z_In_Control: cool
jelloeatter: yeah I am a boob man lol
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: cool.
jelloeatter: you like that I am a boob man
She.z_In_Control: haha sure.
She.z_In_Control: most that message me seem to be
jelloeatter: cool
jelloeatter: damn you make a guy very excited
She.z_In_Control: haha i dunno if that's a good thing
jelloeatter: well if you were here sitting my lap it would be atleast for me
jelloeatter: how big r they?
She.z_In_Control: haha
She.z_In_Control: big
jelloeatter: I c that lol
jelloeatter: more than 2 hand fulls
She.z_In_Control: eeehhh... maybe
She.z_In_Control: one and a half
jelloeatter: and a pair of lips lol
She.z_In_Control: haha
jelloeatter: thats a yes
jelloeatter: sorry I have a full on erection talking to you and probably should do
something about it lol
She.z_In_Control: hmm i see
jelloeatter: you wish lol
She.z_In_Control: haha no not really. not my kinda thing
jelloeatter: erections not your thing
jelloeatter: lol
She.z_In_Control: watching annoymous erections are not my thing
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: I can come over and drop it between your boobs
jelloeatter: lol
She.z_In_Control: haha uuuh
jelloeatter: lol
jelloeatter: bye baby I am going to pull all of it out and jerk it c ya
*** jelloeatter's IC window is closed

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