Saturday, May 30, 2009


While Traci gets all the kinky freaks, and rude gang-stars, I get business propositions...

Subject: Silk Screener

Hi there, I have a bit of a different question for you. I own a promotional business in the Ottawa Valley. I actually just bought the place. I get my silk screening done in Ottawa on colonnade rd. Is that the silk screening you mean, that goes on shirts and stuff? If so, can you send me the name of your work, so I can get prices from you guys.

(Why would this ever be a good idea?)

From: tennislover76
Subject: hello beautiful

First off this is not spam i just have no other way to reach Canadians.
I'm signed up with an online survey site based out of canada and they give me a decent fee to refer canadians. You wont get rich but u can make a few hundred a year when youre bored. Do you want me to refer you? All I need is email and first name and they'll send you an email.

(No way to reach Canadians?! Oh, Heaven above!)

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