Tuesday, May 19, 2009


marques.1:wat r those tattoos on ur tittis?
She.z In Control: they're not on my "titties". they're on my chest. and they're old style pin up girls.
marques.1: do u got anu more tattoos or piercings?
She.z In Control: yes i have 5 more and my septum pierced.
marques.1: wat is septum? wait a min. is that wat i think it is?does it hurt?
She.z In Control: i have a feeling it's NOT what you think it is. it's the part between your nostrils. and yes, it hurt a lot.
marques.1: does it feel good if i touch it?
She.z In Control: um... no.
marques.1: why not?
She.z In Control: i have a feeling you don't understand where the septum is.

this is a septum piercing. there is no feeling in that part of the body.
marques.1: why don't u say nose?i'm so embarassed, i thought it's down there
She.z In Control:i already told you it wasn't what you thought it was. and said it was the part between your nostrils. what more do you want me to say?
marques.1: all right babe.wat u like on a guy?

(Reading skills are usually something I look for in a guy. Well, any skills really...)

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erica said...

this made my day.

so funny. glad you brought back the blog, it wins.