Saturday, June 13, 2009


just wanted to say hello, say im a scoripio, and hopefully
without any offense, i figured id come strait out and dodge the
hurtle that always blows up in my face in the end. very submissive,
and into certain fetishes. serious passion for lingerie and
sensuality, most of my interests are based around powerful women,
passionate women, and someone who can enjoy life outside the box.

with all that out there, how goes? i just wanna see if we could
chat, might actually have some things in common, but i figured id
be upfront as to not waste your time in case you find what im into
right strange and perverted. so, heres hoping that your one of the
few who can let sexuality be exactly that, and nothing more, and
maybe see past oddities.

cheers and hope to hear back from you.


(He sent the exact same thing to me twice. Also, his user name is nousefouraname. As in the number 4. I wonder if this was on purpose? Let's all hope. I didn't actually read his message through till right now, and he claims to be kinky... lingerie isn't something I would consider kinky. My left pinky is kinkier than him.)

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