Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wonder if he likes fat chicks?

chubby_cox: hey

[10:42:32 pm]me:hello

[10:42:43 pm]chubby_cox:how are you?

[10:43:03 pm]me:i'm doing ook. you?

[10:43:22 pm]chubby_cox:not to shabby thanks

[10:44:10 pm] me: cool cool

[10:44:23 pm]chubby_cox:so what are you looking for?

[10:44:28 pm]me:i notice you seem to have a problem with peeing on toilet seats?

[10:44:39 pm]me:friends i guess. i don't really do much on this site

[10:45:12 pm]chubby_cox:ha... I just didn't know what to write

[10:45:43 pm]me:haha i see

[10:46:34 pm]chubby_cox:damn your busty :)

[10:46:42 pm]me:haha... uh thanks

[10:46:53 pm]chubby_cox:don't remember me do you?

[10:47:14 pm]me: guess not

[10:49:02 pm]me:have we talked before?

[10:49:16 pm]chubby_cox:yeah on plenty of fish

[10:49:20 pm]me: ah i see

[10:49:24 pm]me: makes sense

[10:49:46 pm]chubby_cox:you shut me down hard

[10:50:10 pm]me:i was wondering why you were talking about my boobs... cause i'm not showing them on here

[10:50:27 pm]me:i did? haha sounds like me i guess

[10:50:37 pm]chubby_cox:yeah. I know.

[10:51:12 pm]chubby_cox:oh yeah you turned me down hardcore

[10:51:20 pm]me:so what did you say to me on POF to make me turn you down?

[10:51:59 pm]chubby_cox:not much just asked if you'd be interested in friends with benefits.

[10:52:14 pm] me: ah i see...

[10:52:20 pm]me:not my deal

[10:52:52 pm]chubby_cox:so yeah

[10:52:58 pm]me: yeah...

[10:53:08 pm]chubby_cox:I figured that.

[10:53:26 pm]me: haha yep

[10:53:49 pm]me:so you like fat chicks huh?

[10:54:02 pm]chubby_cox:still have the same answer?

[10:54:10 pm]me: yes...

[10:54:22 pm]chubby_cox:I like curves and big boobs... yeah

[10:54:34 pm]me: haha just cause i'm on a different site doesn't mean i want sex from this site.

[10:54:52 pm]chubby_cox:okay... just wanted to double check then

[10:55:07 pm]me: haha ok

[10:56:18 pm]chubby_cox:ok well take care.. I'll try again later.

[10:56:25 pm]me: bahahaha ok

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