Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go die old man!

She.z_In_Control: cool...
AL421965: so have you met many poeple from here
She.z_In_Control: yes
AL421965: me to
AL421965: there are some nice one and some wierd ones lol
She.z_In_Control: haha indeed
AL421965: you seem like a nice funny women
AL421965: i like the tats too
AL421965: ok.
She.z_In_Control: thanks
AL421965: np
AL421965: mcblkmx s fijdffldx lkjgk ;l lfk;l lkf dkgldkgl;dkfj llgk jgljlkjl kl lkjdl'kj
AL421965: opps
AL421965: i m funny too
AL421965: lol
AL421965: u are in kitchener'
AL421965: u just move there
AL421965: from where
AL421965: i am in cornwall in ottawa ontario
She.z_In_Control: belleville
AL421965: oh kool
She.z_In_Control: yeah i lived inottawa too
AL421965: yeah
AL421965: kool
She.z_In_Control: moved around a lot
AL421965: yeah
AL421965: do you want to meet oneday maybe?
She.z_In_Control: no i don't htink so. sorry
AL421965: do you want to give me head!?
AL421965: how come
She.z_In_Control: um
She.z_In_Control: you're a little to old for me
AL421965: ok
AL421965: sorry
AL421965: u are fat though
AL421965: and so am i
She.z_In_Control: so?
AL421965: so i think we could have lots of fun
She.z_In_Control: because we're fat?
AL421965: i like big women
AL421965: yeah and funny and kool i like the tattoos
She.z_In_Control: you're 3 years younger than my dad.
She.z_In_Control: i'm not interested.
AL421965: in one of your pic you'r showing you'r tits and i was in heaven i
wanna play with them all night long
AL421965: \\you sexy girl
She.z_In_Control: this isn't helping your cause
AL421965: no?
AL421965: wwell i tried good luck
AL421965: do u swolow
AL421965: i like the one's that swolow
AL421965: i wanna see you'r face with my cum all over it
She.z_In_Control: good for you. not interested
She.z_In_Control: wow
She.z_In_Control: rude
AL421965: im sorry i just wanna fuck the shit out of you
AL421965: never mind sorry bye hope u find the right one

(This old man was a fucking jackass. Holy shit, the shit I put up with. I mean really. How is this normal?)

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