Monday, February 11, 2008


She.z_In_Control: hi
*** Waiting for darealcobra to connect
*** darealcobra's IC window is open
darealcobra: nice tatoo
She.z_In_Control: thanks
darealcobra: may i see the rest or no ? lol
She.z_In_Control: rest of what?
darealcobra: you're in total control of the situation
darealcobra: the rest of where your hand is going down too lol
She.z_In_Control: i see....
darealcobra: i'm a fair guy, i can show you whatever u want
She.z_In_Control: no thanks
darealcobra: hmm
darealcobra: well may i see?
She.z_In_Control: um i don't think so
darealcobra: u fat bitcch
*** darealcobra's IC window is closed
She.z_In_Control: hahahahahahahha

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