Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who the Fuck is CJ?

c.j says: (2:13:22 PM)
hey sexy long time

Traci says: (2:13:36 PM)
hello. who is this?

c.j says: (2:14:07 PM)

c.j says: (2:14:51 PM)
how u been

Traci says: (2:15:39 PM)
i don't know who cj is.

Traci says: (2:15:51 PM)
but i'm alright.

c.j says: (2:16:29 PM)
use 2 talk alot

Traci says: (2:17:23 PM)

Traci says: (2:17:38 PM)
well clearly i don't remember. where are you from?

c.j says: (2:18:03 PM)
u got cam?

c.j says: (2:18:22 PM)
im from ontario

Traci says: (2:20:36 PM)
dude... not interested in sexy chatting with you so don't bother

c.j says: (2:21:13 PM)
uh pardon

Traci says: (2:21:50 PM)
yeah i'm not new to the internet sir. why else would you ask if i have a cam

I'm probably unnecessarily annoyed by this dude trying to chat me up today. But fuck, get a life.

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