Sunday, July 10, 2011


mike says: (1:53:06 PM)
Someone must of done something nasty to u ....i think yr crazy and u need help with a shrink or whatever.....i barely even flirted with u..

mike says: (1:53:50 PM)
I once said i think your sweet and u throw in my face that u wont inv me over and fuck me....omg when u said it ...

mike says: (1:54:15 PM)
I was shocked ....fuck all i want was only a friend

mike says: (1:54:29 PM)
U fucking cunt had to ruin it

mike says: (1:54:40 PM)
So ya buh bye

mike says: (1:54:50 PM)
Fucking soar looooser

mike says: (1:55:13 PM)
I sure as hell dont need ppl like u

Traci says: (1:55:23 PM)
oh for fuck sakes. relax bro. you tried flirting with me the other day... asked me if i would tease you if you were sitting on my chair in the room... and i said i wasn't interested. and now i'm a bitch because i was being honest with you. which is something you tell me all the damn time. that you're honest and open.

Traci says: (1:56:03 PM)
and i sure as hell don't need fucking emotional basketcases like you that can't even handle a simple "not interested". GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR.

I really wanted him to say something else so I could reply with "I SAID GOOD DAY.".

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